Thursday, January 20, 2011

typing games for kids

Dance mat typing Level 1 Stage 2
Follow step by step to learn typing in this games.

kids typing games

Dance mat typing Level 1 Stage 1
Follow step by step to learn typing in this games.

Friday, January 14, 2011

addicting typing games

Click START . Show your ability to type. Do not let the letter of drowning.

typing games for kids

Stabika adventure, type when stabika action, if you do not type the stabika will die and you are not going to continue your adventures
Test - Kids Typing Games

Thursday, January 13, 2011

kids typing games

Albarns attack with all your strength is the weapon you typed your hand so you are not caught by Albarns.
Types of games : "Stabika 2 Kids Typing Games"

kids typing games

Type the letters to destroy the boom that will attack your plane, and also destroy enemy aircraft.
Typpe to learn games : "Albarns Attack"

free typing games

Type the letter that appears to kill the ghost that will rip you.
Typing skill Games : "Assault Typing Powered"

type games

you just type the letters and when completed it will be d record your results
Typing lessons games : "The Typing of The Ghosts"

kids typing games

you just type the letters and when completed it will be d record your results.
Typing games that are fun : "Typing Adventure 2"

Monday, January 10, 2011


The objective of the lightning typing game is to strike down the approaching mice with lightning by typing the words they are carrying along with them. If you take too long to type the word, the mice will reach your stack of blocks and destroy them, one by one. And since you are standing on this stack of blocks, well game over when the mice have smashed them all. So the faster you type, the better you will perform in this game.
Easy typing Games : "Typing Adventure"

type game
you just typing words
Type game : "Lightning Typing"

typing games for kids

Description: Please type the words on the birds as fast as you can before the birds disappear. when a birds is down, you can get some point. if 5 birds hasn't been broken before it disappears , you will lose one life. you have 5 lifes in total. If you break the birds just appear from the bottom of the screen will minus 200 points, then the birds at a higher height has low points, so break the birds at a low height can make a higher point.
How to play: Level 1 is typing letters, level 2 is typing words.
Computer typing games : "Nature Typing Games"


Type what the Boss tells you to do and see if you can catch up with his demanding attitude.
How to play: Follow the boss's commands by typing them out as fast as you can.
Play typing games : "Farm Defender"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

typing games

Prevent the fireballs from hitting your town. Press the letter inside the fireball to destroy it. Blank fireballs can be destroyed with the space bar. Red blocks with an arrow on them can destroy all the fireballs on the screen when you press the SHIFT key.
Practice typing games : "Bitter Boss games"

Press the corresponding key when a letter appears on the screen.
Keboarding typing games : "Fireballs"

The object of JuggleType is to keep the puck in motion by highlighting tiles by pressing the corresponding letter. Pick up gems to boost your score. Pick up speed power-ups to increase or decrease your puck speed.
Learn to type games : "Letters Master"

typing games

Type the letters as they pass through the timing bar. If you don't miss any letters you will start a combo. Each letter in a combo will increase your score by the combo length multiplied by 10.
kids typing games : "JuggleType"


Your objective is to drill down as far as possible by typing letters. Move down, left or right provided that there is a block containing a letter in that direction. To move in that direction, press the letter on the keyboard that corresponds with the block.
Learning typing games : "Type Type Revolution"

Kids Typing Games - Prevent the books from hitting the ground. Type the character on each book to make it vanish and score points. Press space bar when a scroll appears on the screen. Each scroll contains a set of characters which you must type before it disappears.
Games for kids : "Typing the Distance"

Choose the rabbit on the run or the monster chasing him. The faster you type the words, the faster your character will move.
Typing for kids : "Magic Library"

Kids typing games

Use the number keys to hit the one-eyed monsters with your hammer.
addicting typing games : "Word Frenzy"

Use your fast fingers to defend yourself from an onslaught of monsters. Cast a spell on a monster by typing the word next to it. Try to collect keys and power-ups when they appear on the screen.
Keyboard typing games : "Tontie"


Kids Typing Games - Protect your temple from opposing ninjas by typing the words that appear above them. Dodge attacks with the arrow keys. Press 1, 2 or 3 to use your special attacks when the rage bar is full.
Fust typing games : "The Key Master"

kids typing games

Kids Typing Games - Test your typing skills as you defend your top-secret inventions from waves of mechanical bugs. Make words with the letters in your chambers to deal maximum damage to invaders
Cool typing games : "Ninja Hunter - Typing Games"