Friday, January 7, 2011


The object of this game is to react as quickly as possible by pressing the appropriate key. You will see a visual representation of the keyboard on your screen, and one by one, keys will light up. Once a key is highlighted, you need to press that key as quickly as possible at which time a new one will light up and you must then press that and so on and so on…
Fun typing games : "Typing Speed Test"

You have a total of 60 seconds of typing reaction time in each round. As soon as a a key lights up, the clock starts ticking and your time will drain until you type that key. Once you have used up all 60 seconds of your time, the round is over.

In order to pass the round, you need to hit a certain number of keys before your time expires. This number will increase by 5 each round. Your score is based on how many keys you catch above this target. You will also lose points for every mistakes you make, so type quickly but carefully.